Ketoprofen OVER 10 tabs

$ 24.00


Non steroid anti-inflammatory.

Ketoprofeno OVER 5 mg
Each 175 mg-tablet contains:
Ketoprofen 5 mg
Formulation agents q.s.
Ketoprofeno OVER 20 mg
Each 700 mg-tablet contains:
Ketoprofen 20 mg
Formulation agents q.s.

Treatment of inflammatory and painful conditions of the osteoarticular and musculoskeletal systema, such as arthrosis, arthritis, traumatisms, herniated disc and myositis.

Animal species to which it is intended:
Dogs and cats.

By oral route.

Small-sized animals: Begin by administering 1 tablet of 5 mg every 2.5 k.l.w.; then, administer 1 table every 5 k.l.w. Medium and large-sized animals: Begin by administering 1 tablet of 20 mg every 10 k.l.w.; then, administer 1 tablet every 20 k.l.w.


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